Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate the public about the benefits of massage through our therapeutic and INRŪ massage techniques. It is our goal to touch the lives of others by relieving the body of chronic pain and discomfort as well as aiding to reduce stress, be it physical or emotional. We Guarantee It. Our services uniquely rejuvenate the body which makes us "More Than Just a Back Rub Shop". We will provide our clients intensive quality massage with the utmost integrity.

How Inside Three Hands was born

The name Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks was selected by my clients. The name reflects the intuitive and nurturing work that my center offers. It has been said that my intuitive touch gives the illusion there are three hands nurturing every level of the body from the skin to the soul. Our job is to reunite the mind, body and spirit.

Every therapist that joins Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks undergoes training in our unique technique and an in-depth practical interview. Only the highest moral and skilled therapists are chosen to work with us. This is how we can guarantee that every massage experience that is received at Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks will be divine.

In 1985, a debilitating back injury prevented me from returning to my demanding corporate career. It wasn't until 1990 that I discovered massage therapy and relief from the chronic pain I had suffered with for years. For the first time in more than five years, I was free from pain. I left my old profession and pursued, with diligence, a career in bodywork.

In 1992, I had a vision to heal the world one body at a time and I worked diligently to make that vision a reality.

In 1998, I suffered a brain stem stroke, making it difficult for me to continue pursuing my vision. With the assistance of GOD, acupuncture, massage, family, friends, and colleagues, I was able to return to the work I was destined to do.

How and Why INR® was developed

The INR Technique®—Imani’s Naturalize Restructuring Technique—was developed from a dream I had.
Night after night, I began to dream about someone massaging my foot. I shared my dreams with one of my team members. He began massaging my foot using the technique from my dreams. After about three days of him performing this technique, I began to regain feeling in my foot. The following night the dream evolved using the technique on my calf and proceeded to cover my body entirely until each area regained feeling. Within three months of this dream I was able to work again.

The recovery process inspired me to develop what is now called the INR Technique®. This technique has enabled me to support a number of people and assist them in overcoming physical and emotional issues from which they thought they would never recover. In some cases, the use of this technique has also enabled some of my clients to avoid surgical procedures for physical ailments they previously possessed. After having endured such pain for years, some of my clients have suggested that, because of this technique, I have given them their lives back. Ultimately, this technique has given me my life back as well!