I3H News

You win some you loss some. Our staff appears to be forever changing and growing. Here’s this month’s news on staffing: Jessica Burg has just completed her one-on-one training with EFay and is ready to service. Damian Robinson is going on sabbatical for a brief period. In addition to being a great massage therapist and a personal trainer, Damian is an actor. This winter Damian will be performing in Lanesboro, MN and will be returning mid January. For those of you would prefer a male therapist, no worries. Mark Tomlinson will be starting in October. Mark or any of the other staff would be honored to support you during Damian’s sabbatical. “Break a leg Damian.” Aaron Maxwell has chosen to return home to Seattle. Although her stay was brief, we appreciated her contributions and wish her well. Other new staff are on the horizon as Inside 3 Hands is looking to expand our hours soon.

Done With Snail Mail
We have been working hard and steady to launch an electronic Keep in Touch campaign. The newsletter is just the beginning. Look for Birthday, Thank You and We Miss You cards in the future. Our goal is to move to a totally electronic communication system. All news and specials will either be sent out via email/news letter or posted on our website in News Bulletin.

There will be industry and company of the month specials emailed monthly. We apologize in advance for those who don’t have an email or choose not to share it. We respect your privacy. We do not share the names and e-mail addresses of our clients with any third party. We will limit emails to once a month maximum unless it is some really - really special news (smile).

The 3rd Annual Massage Awareness Rally
The rally was a success!! The Day of Self-Love was held on September 13. The Women from Cornerstone were dined, educated and relaxed beyond their imagination. It was as amazing for us as it was for them. Thanks to all that provided support.
Frequent User/Referral Cards
For every 6 body massages or referral of like services purchased, we will reward you with an equal session. Offer valid for Seated Chair, Body Tune-Up and Table Massages

Wellness Awarness Specials

Body Tune-Up
Valid October only
Complementary consultation with a 15 minute Body Tune-Up. (Valid with the purchase of a Body Tune-Up session.) The consultation and Body Tune-Up will take less than 30 minutes. This offer is only good to people who have not tried a Body Tune –Up.

Client Appreciation OfferValid November only
+ Individual gift cards 15% discount (12 month expiration) limit 4 per person
+ Package of 4 sessions 15% discount (6 month expiration)
+ Package of 8 sessions 15% discount (no Expiration) plus 1 free gift card (value of 1 session in package)
* You must be a current client to qualify for this special

Holiday Special - Valid December only
+ Individual gift cards 10% discount (12 month expiration) limit 4 per person
+ Package of 4 sessions 10% discount (6 month expiration)
+ Package of 8 sessions 10% discount (no Expiration) plus 1 free gift card (value of 1 session in package)

Holiday Parties – Seated Chair Massage - Valid November & December only
Receive a Body Tune-Up gift card for each scheduled hour over the 4 billable hours per therapist. (2 hour minimum requirement), for onsite seated chair contracts. Gift card is valued at $25. These will make great gifts. Contract must be held during November, December or January.