On-Site Client Testimonials

Some of these testimonials have been abbreviated for publication. These clients have graciously consented to share their comments with you.

Thanks again for coming to our school. It is apparent from the comment cards that our students loved your work! Thank you for coming on such short notice. We will be in touch for future events!
- Lara E.

Thanks for lending your helping hands to our organization.
- Vonnie B.

Wow! Even a 5 minute massage does wonders.
- Collette S.

What a great thing - this should be standard at schools!! Good strong, sensitive massage GREAT!!
- McClintock

Remarkable, I felt like someone just unplugged my cord!
- Brad F.

I felt like I disappeared from everything. A fulfilling relaxation that penetrated my aches.
- Christine E.

Wow! Very soothing. Felt 100% afterward.
- Jennie Y.

The massage was very good. In a short amount of time she released my stress.
- Sasha I.

Very refreshing after a hectic week.
- Penni G.

The massage was a great way to end a long night at work. Thanks for the relief of tight muscles.
- Ed S.

Wonderful! Just what I needed to get centered and return to my busy day.
- Kevin P.

I've had back problems for the last 10 years or more. This was my first and it really helped relieve the aches in my lower back. I would recommend this company to anyone who has low back pain.
- Marvin G.

Wonderful! Those 5 minutes will stay with me all day.
- Aujila K.

Wonderful! I felt so much better after getting personalized treatment to my problem area.
- Sara J.

They provided seated chair massage to our exposition. The team worked in an efficient and adaptive manner while providing our business visitors with a special treat that was tailored to each visitor. Great job - I would highly recommend them to work within the corporate arena.
Michael K - Pharma Complete

Thank you for coming into our office and providing, on a number of occasion, your wonderful, rejuvenation chair massage to my entire staff. My staff felt re-energized and expressed their appreciation. Your services are a great way to relax, clear one's mind and sets the stage well for much more productive time upon returning to the office. We value our employees and want to help them manage their stress, feel valued and stay healthy. Your professional services help accomplish all of these things.
Lori F. - Director, Advanced Advisor Group
American Express Financial Advisors

Thank you on behalf of Advisor Staffing, Training & Support for giving our department a well deserved massage. The moral in our department is always nice, but for a week after you left my co-workers were still floating around here smiling. You do fantastic work and better yet the positive environment you create is amazing.
Mesha R. Project Coordinator
American Express Financial Advisors