Health care professional Testimonials

Some of the testimonies have been abbreviated for publication. These colleagues and clients have graciously consented to share their comments with you.

These are some of the reasons why we find our work interesting, challenging and enriching.

Inside 3 Hands Staff works with clients ranging from those seeking relaxation or recovery from various kinds of personal injury. Clients who have worked with them are quite reluctant to try any other therapist.

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Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks has been shaped by EFay's many years of experiencealong with her supreme knowledge of the body's musculoskeletal system, combined with strong hands and her talented touch. The staff's skills reflect her uncompromising high standard of client care. I always get great results from the staff at Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks, for myself, my family and my patients."
J. Robbins D.C. - Cultural Chiropractic North - Mpls, MN 2007 Chiropractor of the Year, American Black Chiropractic Association

Chiropractic Care along with massage therapy has greatly improved the healing with our patients. Dr. Mark A. Johnson D.C. and his associates promote Inside Three Hands Bodyworks and we are grateful that they are apart of our referral family.
M. Johnson, D.C. - MetroCenter Chiropractic – Mpls., MN

I have had the pleasure of working with Inside 3 Hands now for a couple of years, and they are NOT just a back rub shop. Each of their therapists goes through an extensive amount of additional training before they are allowed to work with the patients. They have an excellent reputation, and they are very professional. I would highly recommend Inside 3 Hands for your massage therapy needs.
Dr. J. Hermen, D.C. – Hermen Health, Mpls., MN

I saw PC today for a reevaluation of his left shoulder. He shows 170 degree of overhead elevation with his shoulder, some of the atrophy that had been present in the posterior deltoid and infraspinatus muscle has resolved, and he currently exhibits full external rotation of the glen humeral joint on that side. He clearly seems to be benefiting from Inside 3 Hands’ intervention with him. Thank you for your help with this difficult shoulder.”
D. Merz PT - Merz Physical Therapy – Minnetonka, MN

“The staff at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks have sound knowledge of anatomy, physiology and musculoskeletal concerns and they apply this in a focused way.”
B. Fagan, D.C. - Mpls., MN

I have worked professionally with EFay and Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks for several years and appreciate the tissue work performed and the restorative care their work promotes. EFay’s soft tissue body work and techniques expedite rehabilitation with focus on areas of restriction and/or injury. I give high professional and personal recommendation to EFay and her staff.
J. Martin PT, OCS, FAAOMPT – OrthoRehab Specialists, Inc - Mpls, MN

When my patients are in need of a therapeutic massage I do not hesitate to refer them to the professionals at Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks. Having been a client myself while recovering from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident I have experienced the many benefits of their services and the patients I have referred to their office have been impressed as well
R. Kragness D.C. Skyway Chiropractic - Mpls, MN