Client Testimonials

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The best hands in the Twin Cities for massage and body works. If you have knots, stress or kinks, the 3 hands at My Three Hands Bodyworks is where you need to go for care. They are caring hands and years of training and experience. As an old client I can say with confidence that EFay Imani's Inside Three Hands Bodyworks can get the results can get for others and for me.
B. Wiggins St Louis Park, MN

I started getting massages at Inside 3 Hands over 15 years ago, but not with EFay until about 10 years ago or so. As a dentist, there is a lot of lower back stress and shoulder and neck issues from the way we sit and twist to see in the mouth. Sitting has also lead to some feet numbness issues that can be very annoying. Early on before seeing EFay my treatments were fairly general body work just trying to keep my body aligned, and working properly to be able to continue doing dentistry. In the past 10 years with EFay, I have evolved to two types of sessions, specifically one on just me feet and a longer session for the whole body. All my issues have been very well controlled and at 65 years old, I am able to still enjoy working and plan to continue for several more years, thanks to EFay. I am so convinced that good massage therapy benefits me that I give each of my staff one session a month with EFay. It helps keep everyone in shape and all of us have developed great relationships with EFay professionally and personally. She is clearly a very caring and knowledgeable therapist.
Dr. M. Wilson Minneapolis, MN

EFay's people suggested and performed weekly deep tissue message throughout my entire nine month chemo sessions. They said this would rid steroids out of my joints and I would have no fatigued feelings throughout my chemo period. I had no fatigue symptoms all nine months. They are very good at what they do. She gives a lot of good suggestions so don't hesitate to share why you are coming.
M. Broadus Long Beach, CA

I am fortunate to be able to get massages at Inside 3 Hands Bodyworks every month. I have had many massages in my life and there is nothing like a massage by Efay Imani. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but she listens to your needs and makes you feel better. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment.
V. Patraw Elk River, MN

"I started receiving massage treatments from Talaya back in 2015 after my chiropractor recommended massage to help my muscles loosen. Talaya has been instrumental in easing my back and shoulder pain. She uses multiple techniques and methods depending on your needs and wants. She is especially talented in her use of Chinese cups, which are extremely effective in breaking up knotted muscles and tight fascia. She also uses hot rocks and pulling techniques to great effect. She has outstanding knowledge of anatomy and this helps her narrow down the areas giving you pain and focus on healing those areas. She is always professional and courteous to your needs. I had chronic shoulder pain from years of professional driving and Talaya helped me both physically and mentally change the way I was living so that I would no longer be in pain. Whether you need tear inducing deep tissue or a gentler touch, Talaya can accommodate you. If you have been struggling with pain or just need a relaxing massage, pay her a visit. The only downside will be that your session ends.
W. Humphries Stillwater MN

I'm a dancer, 14 years of age. I first went to see EFay when I started having really bad back pain; it hurt for me to do many different activities. The caused apparently was coming from my back and legs being extremely tight. She stretched me for 4 sessions, and created a stretching routine tailored to address my issues. The route she created was based on my body type and the different types of activities I do. I do them once or twice a day for at least 30 minute. Since I started seeing EFay I have been less tight in my legs and more flexible in my back, legs, and much more!
D. Peterson New Hope MN

I've been a client of Talaya for 2 years. She has helped me work through my neck, shoulders and knee pain. Her experience shines through and her knowledge of the therapy you're receiving is very informative. I highly recommend Talaya to everyone who needs to enhance their emotional & physical well- being.
M. Brocious Oakdale MN

I had the pleasure of getting body work done by EFay last week while I was in Minneapolis filming a Super Bowl commercial. I've been doing stunt work for the past 23 years and massage, chiropractic and other body maintenance procedures are essential for my well-being and the longevity of my career. Trust me when I tell you that I've been worked on by many practitioners of many different styles, but EFay is by far the most knowledgeable and thorough of them all. She used a combination of fascial stretch therapy (FST), deep tissue massage, active release technique (ART), cupping and scraping (Gua Sha) during my 90 minute session. She had great insight as to where my problem areas were and without any notice from me, zoned in on adhesions that I've had for a long time. I walked out feeling like a new man and a week later still feel great! She's so good that I'm willing to fly to Minneapolis from Atlanta just to get work done once in a while, or I may even fly her out to work on me the next time I work on a big action movie. I highly recommend her and I promise that you will not be disappointed. She is truly a gem!
-Tanoai Reed
(Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's stunt double)

In the spring of 2015, what began as an occasional twinge in my left hip gradually became a source of full-blown, excruciating pain. I became unable to walk independently, sit in a chair for longer than 10 minutes or lie on my back or stomach.

A hamstring tear was revealed! Finally, after two months of suffering, I had an official diagnosis. Physical therapy was recommended.  Having no other option and desperate for relief, I worked with the PT for about a month. During that time, I experienced no relief and, in fact, the prescribed exercises increased the pain.  At my wit’s end, I fired my physical therapist. With no apparent help in sight, I was desperate. I still couldn’t sit, walk without a walker or lie on my back or stomach – after 2 months! My injured side had atrophied and the rest of my body was weak and stressed and my pain was constant. I thought to contact my friend, EFay Imani, to ask if she could be of assistance.

EFay came every Tuesday for four months. Patiently and confidently, she established a therapeutic plan from week to week based on my progress. Applying her unique set of skills as a massage therapist, she applied the healing necessary for my return to function. She developed exercises specific to my body’s pattern of recovery, and provided encouragement, motivation, humor and a generosity of spirit only found in those who are true healers.  This wonderful, gifted woman singlehandedly restored my body’s ability to function. Now I can tell you from first hand experience, you will never be in better hands!
Click here for full testimonial H. Abrahamson - Minnetonka, MN

As a long-term chronic sufferer of low back pain and shoulder pain, I can tell you, they are by far the best at what they do. By manipulating my body into various positions they are able stretch muscle groups that I'm not even aware need stretching but the results are undeniably amazing! By instructing my movements during massage, trigger points in my shoulders that have been there for 30 years melt away giving me lasting relieve that no other treatment has. True miracle workers!
H. Sathoff Minneapolis, MN

Simply the best therapists available in downtown Minneapolis! I could not function without my weekly massage. In addition, I have picked up scores of useful tips to staying healthy and pain-free from this healer. Glad to be a regular customer!
M. Richardson Minneapolis MN

"You just take time off where you can get it. I love the massages at Inside 3 Hands. It’s incredible: You fall asleep and then you wake up to find that an hour has gone past.”
R. Robinson - Channel 9 News, Mpls., MN

“I've been a professional athlete for 20 years. This is a truly professional massage (outstanding).”
David Collins - Cincinnati Reds

“Oh yes! Good, strong, and deep work. Perfect!!”
Spalding Gray - NY

“Thank you for squeezing me into your schedule. Not only did you help me physically, but mentally as well. When I first came into Inside 3 Hands, I was feeling so beaten down by the doctors – telling me I will never heal and will probably have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. Well, as you have proved, that certainly was not the case. My muscles and spirit just need a little work.”
W. Bear - Madison WI

Focused massage on overly tight neck. Extra benefits of increased range of motion along shoulder, as well. I had attended 1-1/2 months of physical therapy for my shoulder. One session at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks achieved more benefits than the physical therapy - Many, many thanks!”
E. Coutyre - Plymouth, MN

“My chiropractor was unable to make any chiropractic adjustments on me due to muscle spasms. Being my muscles are half of my medical problem, he suggested I go to a massage therapist. They all helped a little but I could not get over the fatigue that comes with being in chronic pain all of the time. My diagnosis is Syndrome of Chronic Pain of Musculoskeletal Origin, back and neck pain radiating to arms and legs, spinal stenosis, nerve root impingement, debilitating musculoskeletal pain, and fibromyalgia. I also have scoliosis and kyphoscholiosis. I didn’t realize how bad I was as it happened so gradually over the years and I think when you live with pain it becomes a way of life and one doesn’t know anything different. The therapists at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks began working on me on March 9th, 2005. They worked through my whole body inch by inch, stripping and stretching muscles. I went through two eight 1.5 hour sessions (two per week) then a maintenance schedule. It is a very painful process but the results are worth it. I had bones that were protruding and with the stretching of the muscles the bones have fallen back into place. I already am feeling the physical and emotional benefits of not being in pain all of the time. The way I feel now I will not be seeking more epidurals nor will I be trying botox shots. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks literally gave me my life back. It was truly a God send for me during this crisis and now Inside Three Hands Bodyworks helps me to maintain.”
M. Borrell- Mpls, MN

“I experienced frequent headaches and soreness in my neck. I could only sit in a chair comfortable for two hours at a time. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks’ skillful massage therapy techniques have been a significant factor in my recovery. Now I have massage therapy appointments on an infrequent as needed basis. I still feel the effects of the accident but am able to manage my pain with Inside Three Hands Bodyworks’ help. I am able to avoid the debilitating headaches that I used to have. One thing that sets Inside Three Hands Bodyworks’ work apart from other massage therapists that I have been to is their knowledge of human anatomy, especially the skeletal/muscular system. Other massage therapists make my skin feel good, but the therapists at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks make my muscles feel good. Without their expert care I don’t know how I would be able to continue my current position as a policy analyst. Sitting is the worst thing I can do for my neck. Being treated by Inside Three Hands Bodyworks is one of the best things I can do for my neck.”
K. Linner- Mpls, MN

“My testimonial to the great bodywork I have received from Inside Three Hands Bodyworks...
Over the last few years I have experienced chronic pain and debilitating symptoms from degeneration of my cervical spine, specifically C5-7. I have sought relief from my pain, spasms, and weakness through numerous visits with a chiropractor, acupuncturist and then in desperation, a neurosurgeon. None gave me relief or an adequate and safe resolution for my problems. Through a recommendation, I began treatment at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks. The therapists were able to, through deep tissue massage, give me the relief I sought, as well as the ability to continue to enjoy and active life. I currently work as a critical care nurse and I participate in many outdoor activities, e.g. downhill skiing, bike riding, and walking my dogs. Thanks to Inside Three Hands Bodyworks, I continue to do it all.”
E. Cabot- Mpls, MN

“I have struggled with back pain my entire adult life due to herniated discs. Therefore I’ve seen a number of neurologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists over the years. Several months ago I slipped while running. An MRI confirmed I had ruptured one of my discs. I saw several physicians and surgeons for second opinions but they all were the same.”
“For months I followed their instructions with visits to the physical therapist and exercise. I even tried acupuncture. Nothing seemed to be helping. After months of watching me stand up during dinners, movies and plays, my wife suggested that I make an appointment at Inside 3 Hands. After the therapists at Inside 3 Hands did some research on my injury and consulted with others, they executed their plan with confidence – working my muscles along the path of the pain. After the first few sessions the pain began to abate. I have been able to get back to my normal life without the use of pain medication. I know nothing will "cure" my condition, but I have made regular sessions at Inside 3 Hands as a part of my ongoing pain management regime. Inside 3 Hands has made all the difference.”
K. Burardt, PhD - Mpls, MN

“I have been a client of Inside 3 Hands more or less weekly for almost four years now and I have no intentions of stopping. I cannot say I have been cured completely of some horrid malady, but Inside 3 Hands has made it a heck of lot easier to live in my 66 year old body which has significant arthritis in virtually every joint that has not yet been replaced. Occasionally I have difficulty raising my arms over my head; the therapists can fix that. Sometimes my thumbs hurt so much that I can’t rip open a sugar packet; the therapists can fix that also. It is because of Inside 3 Hands that I can still ride a woods motorcycle on challenging technical trails. Plus I get to spend some time with the remarkable therapists at Inside 3 Hands. “
B. Gardner - Mpls, MN

“I was referred to Inside Three Hands Bodyworks by three individuals who experienced relief of cervical thoracic and lower lumbar symptoms through their work. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks’ techniques were notably different than any other professional’s to date. They were quickly able to recreate the nerve impingement pain, find the muscular formations that added to occlusion of the nerve root passage and begin restructuring the musculature in each bound area. No practitioner had been able to actually manipulate the areas around my source of pain as the spine and sciatic areas are deeply covered by the muscles of the hip and buttocks. I tend to want to know a lot about the specific treatment I am receiving and have been pleased that Inside Three Hands Bodyworks have been able to describe the process, reason for pain or relief, mechanisms for effectiveness in their treatment and expected results. I have been awed by the reduction of pain in only four one-hour sessions. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks is valuable as a client educator.”
B. Hughes- Mpls,MN

“I first heard about Inside Three Hands from a friend of mine who is a nurse. Anyone can give a relaxing massage, but the therapists at Inside 3 Hands have the skills and knowledge to identify and heal troubled spots. I came to Inside Three Hands Bodyworks for the therapists to help me deal with an old whiplash injury and migraine headaches; I’ve stayed with them through various athletic injuries and the aches and pains associated with the "maturing" process. The therapists at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks listen to you and think before they go to work on your problem. If they think it’s necessary, they’ll work on one small part of your body for the whole session. I trust Inside Three Hands Bodyworks’ judgment because they always seems to be right on in their assessments and effective with their treatments. While their massages are not for the faint of heart, they solve problems. The therapists at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks are the first massage therapists I’ve worked with that truly give a therapeutic massage.”
A. Spas- Mpls, MN

“In early April of 2002, I was formally diagnosed with acute adhesive capsulitis-commonly known as "frozen shoulder"-in my left shoulder. My medical doctor sent me to a physical therapist. I had 28 physical therapy sessions during the four-month period from April to July of 2002. I also had 9 sessions of acupuncture treatments. At the end of July, my physical therapist suggested that, unless I had the patience to suffer with the condition for a number of years, I should try a cortisone shot or perhaps cortisone delivered by iontophoresis. In early July 2002, I came across Inside Three Hands Bodyworks. At that time, I had very limited range of motion in my left shoulder. Examples of things I could not do with my left arm are: reach dishes in my upper kitchen cabinets, push open the driver’s side car door, reach out the driver’s side window to swipe a parking lot entrance card on the electronic reader, put my hand on the top of the steering wheel, hold a hair dryer on my hair, put on a jacket or zip up a pair of pants. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks guaranteed me that, within 8 sessions, they would convince me that their therapy was the right choice for me, or my money back. I saw the therapists at Inside Three
Hands Bodyworks 8 times in July 2002. During this period of time, they not only helped my left frozen shoulder, I believe they also prevented the same condition from taking hold in my right shoulder. Other things occasionally "went wrong" with me during the time. For example, I always got cramps in my feet when in bed. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks taught me how to self-massage my feet before going to bed. I now do this a couple times a week and I never get cramps. Also, I experienced a "TMJ incident" when my jaw locked open. It took Inside Three Hands Bodyworks about 5 minutes to get my jaw working again.”
B. Goodman, Mpls, MN

“Over four years ago I was introduced to Inside Three Hands Bodyworks when I was in a great deal of pain due to a car accident. The staff at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks have skillful massage therapy techniques that have been a significant factor in my recovery.
The staff at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks are, without question, the best massage therapists I have ever worked with. They have a respectable level of empathy which instills a high level of trust. They listen. As a former professional dancer and instructor I have invested a countless amount of time and resources in body maintenance. I have found Inside Three Hands Bodyworks to be a partner in my physical well-being.”
G. Weirs - Mpls., MN

“I was experiencing limited range of motion in my right arm and pain when attempting to perform many tasks. MRI ruled out a torn rotator cuff. My symptoms were attributed to what is often referred to as "frozen shoulder". I was scheduled for a procedure which would have required me to be anesthetized while an Orthopedic Surgeon moved my arm and later followed up with weeks of physical therapy. I elected to forego the procedure and consulted Inside 3 Hands. With patience, persistence, caring, and a few therapy sessions with Inside 3 Hands, my shoulder began to loosen and once again I gradually gained mobility in my arm. I now experience pain free, full range of motion in my right arm without having the surgical procedure.
Pearl H. - Mpls. MN

“Between the damage that occurred because of car accidents and the stressful life that I live, I often have multiple body aches. I appreciate the therapist’s efforts to make me feel mentally and physically better.”
N. Walker – State Representative - Mpls., MN

“Inside Three Hands has been great. As an athlete, muscle aches and sometimes sleepless nights are a part of my everyday life. Thanks to the team at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks, I have learned that such pain does not have to be a part of my life.”
Linda Okwor - Ms. MN Fitness America