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E. Coutyre – Plymouth, MN

Focused massage on overly tight neck. Extra benefits of increased range of motion along shoulder, as well. I had attended 1-1/2 months of physical therapy for my shoulder. One session at Inside Three Hands Bodyworks achieved more benefits than the physical therapy...

R. Robinson – Channel 9 News, Mpls., MN

“You just take time off where you can get it. I love the massages at Inside 3 Hands. It’s incredible: You fall asleep and then you wake up to find that an hour has gone past.”

M. Richardson – Minneapolis MN

Simply the best therapists available in downtown Minneapolis! I could not function without my weekly massage. In addition, I have picked up scores of useful tips to staying healthy and pain-free from this healer. Glad to be a regular customer!

M. Brocious – Oakdale MN

I’ve been a client of Talaya for 2 years. She has helped me work through my neck, shoulders and knee pain. Her experience shines through and her knowledge of the therapy you’re receiving is very informative. I highly recommend Talaya to everyone who needs...