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Therapeutic Tools


The Original Chi Machine oxygenating massager provides the answer to being healthy without energy loss, body stress or effort.

In just 5 minutes the Chi Machine will give you a full body massage including all internal organs and body systems. Utilizing the full movement of the spine, the Chi Machine stimulates the body’s autonomic nervous system restoring balance to the body by increasing the body’s oxygen level, circulation and energy.

After 38 years of research Dr. Shizou Inoue, one of Japan’s leading Oxygen and Health Medicine researchers, developed and patented The Original Chi Machine. Inside Three Hands Bodyworks is proud to now offer the Chi Machine, Hot House (Far Infrared Dome) and the Electro-Reflex Energizer to our Clients. We offer this service in our office or the privacy of your own home. Call to make an appointment.

HOT HOUSE (Far Infared Dome)

The Hot House is a topical warming device that uses therapeutic rays of light called Far Infrared. These Far Infrared waves penetrate deep into the human body exciting the vibrational energy of molecules and resonating with cellular frequencies. When this occurs it helps to expand capillaries, stimulating blood flow. These vibrations allow toxins to be released from their surroundings back into the blood to be removed naturally by your body.

The Far Infrared wavelengths used in the Hot House are 8-10 microns on the electro magnetic spectrum. In addition to stimulating release of toxins and increasing circulation, Far Infrared rays also promotes healthy cellular regeneration. There are many great uses for the Hot House (Far Infrared Dome), results are best when used in combination with the Chi Machine. Call to make an appointment for our Chi Massage with Infared Heat today!


The Electro-Reflex Energizer is a full body experience that starts at the feet with a low frequency stimulation and continues to the internal organs and body systems that are associated with the reflexology points on the feet. Chinese Medicine deals with the principle of reflex areas in the hands and feet that correspond to all glands, organs and body systems. Usually stimulated by the thumbs and fingers once these areas are triggered the body can than relieve stress, tension and naturally achieve balance.

In addition to stimulating the feet, the Electro-Reflex Energizer comes with electro pads that can be placed anywhere on the body. These pads will allow you to reach sore and painful areas on your own. Then you can sit back and use the controller to adjust the time, intensity and massage mode. In addition to the Electro-Reflex Energizer check out our other HTE USA products we carry for our Clientele. The Chi Machine and Hot House (Far Infrared Dome).


HTE Total Health Spa: 1 Chi + 3 Hot Houses

Purchase Price: $3177

HTE Total Health Combo/2: 1 Chi + 2 Hot Houses

Purchase Price: $2278

HTE Total Health Trio: 1 Chi + 1 Hot + 1 ERE

Purchase Price: $1728

HTE Total Health Combo: 1 Chi + 1 Hot House

Purchase: $1379

Hot House

Purchase Price: $899

Chi Machine

Purchase Price: $480

Electro-Reflex Energizer

Purchase Price: $349

Distributor Kit

Purchase Price: $25

Handling Charge (Hot House)

Purchase Price: $15

Handling Charge (Chi & Electro- Reflex Energizer)

Purchase Price: $10


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